Vision Concrete About us

Vision Concrete Ltd. is an Edmonton based company established in 2006 servicing both residential and commercial clients.  It is a First Nations owned business and operated by Michael Yuzicapi.  Michael has over 24 years of concrete industry knowledge and experience.  He has committed his company to 100% customer satisfaction.


Mission:  Our mission is to create a company team where EVERY member has the support and opportunity to reach their highest potential, therefore creating a power-house crew to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Vision:  Our vision is to become the leading edge company in the industry, providing exceptional service and learning new ways to become environmentally friendly.  

Company Values:

  • We can choose our attitude… Let’s make it FUN
  • trustworthiness… being accountable
  • providing impeccable service… being helpful to people 
  • clear and concise communication…. to assure 100% customer satisfaction
  • consistent improvement…. both with concrete skills and personal development
  • respect for the earth…. always clean up after ourselves